Friday, August 08, 2003

Can We Please Go?
Check out the ridiculously cheap Exotic Europe packages. I would love to go to Budapest. What's funny is that they even have "gay packages."

Umm, not so appealing.

P.S. RRC, Ryan is back on AMC. There was a phone call from a "stranger" today.

I had to share this
I was looking at the Videohound's Movie Guide and ran across this movie: Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter. Starring Paul Sorvino! The plot: " mother of eight issues a final decree to her husband about their sex life. He must get a vasectomy or there won't be any." They gave it a "woof" and said: "As good as it sounds." Ick.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Another day, another headache
I spent my lunch break with my head on my desk fighting back the tears. Unfortunately, my day was not in the slightest the worst. RRC had a friend who died this week. My heart goes out to her, his family and all his friends. There is nothing worse than losing someone, especially someone so young.

Go to the Turner Classic Movies Website Now
Their movie store is having a sale. Some prices aren't much better, but it's still worth a look.
I just bought Laura (pre-ordered), D.O.A., and The Naked City on DVD.
*If someone is wondering about a birthday present for me, ahem, then he can go here (of course, I have yet to give you a b'day present). Sister's Day was also two days ago, but did I get anything?

The Dishes Are Done, Man
And that's about all. My apartment is a wreck. Papers and clothes everywhere. Big Gray always compares my backpack to a volcano erupting. He's right. Slowly but surely I will finish cleaning. Right now, it's hard to find the motivation. I'm just trying to catch up on sleep. Last night a had one beer and promptly fell asleep while watching Witness for the Prosecution. Nothing wrong with being a cheap drunk, right?

p.s. I think BG was really scared at how much Mame and I could quote Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

My largest class now totals 38 students. I think that it's just ridiculous.

I'm so tired I can barely hold up my head. I need to get to sleep earlier. Too bad I have been forced to cry myself (or drink myself) to sleep the last few nights, neither of which make for an easy morning.

Like the agent said, Prom was prommy. Pictures will be available soon. Next year, gorj, I accept no excuses. Not even a blow-uppy car.

Both my parents and Lucas have recognized my discontented struggle with the new job. I have two lovely bunches of the most amazing roses you have ever seen adorning the top of the piano. One bunch yellow (RRC's fave), one bunch red. Big Gray also gave me a new box of crayons as an homage to a tradition that my mom maintained well into college: every new school year I got a new box of crayons. It was always my most favorite thing about starting back at school. When I was in 3rd grade I made up a whole epic story involving 84 crayons. It was a period piece with kings and princes, queens and beautiful princesses. Orchid and Lilac played the ladies and I'll give you two guesses who got the roles of king and prince.
Forrest Green was the evil henchman hired by Maize to steal away the lovely Lilac from the left side of the box and hide her among the Midnight Blues and Brick Reds of the world.
Alas, a mighty champ by the name of Copper was in love with her and always saved the day. They had two bright children by the names of Sky Blue and Carnation Pink. (duh...)
It probably didn't work out since Copper was of Noble birth, but not royal. He was, after all, only a semi-precious metal.

Two more great city names: National City, CA (I think this is near Mame's hometown)
The Colony, TX

After reading this, I thought that it might somewhat disprove a theory I have about Hispanics and crime. Then I looked at their methodology. The sample size was a little over 3,000, which included about 1,074 Hispanics (35% I think). There are 37.4 million Hispanics in the U.S. There is no way you can generalize the responses of 1,074 Hispanics to the greater population. Furthermore, phone surveys aren't exactly the most reliable--people don't take them seriously. They did acknowledge that translation from English to Spanish might create problems and geographical location was taken into account, but you're still leaving out a big population that might change the results. Those who live in poverty and don't have phones might think differently. Beware of these polls.

For Gorjus
Fri. Aug. 1st:
I arrived into Athens sometime between 9-10pm. Had a drink at Tasty World with Mame, RRC, and Scott. We went to the show afterwards. All bands were good, but I honestly wasn't paying close attention. I had to catch up with folks I hadn't seen in awhile. I left before the ESG cover band. Apparently I missed a good performance. I was too exhausted to stay though. My ears were ringing like never before. I'm getting too old for this stuff (hee hee).

Sat. Aug. 2nd
We decorated the 40 Watt and considered changing the theme from "Pretty in Pink" to "Balloons-a-Plenty" (just kidding, obviously). The rest of the day was spent getting ready. Mame and I crimped our hair. Everyone looked fabulous. I wore the wrong shoes b/c they hurt the moment I put them on my feet. Drinking was moderately ameliorative. DJ Twin Powers put on a good show as always. A lot of dancing was done by all. Pukas did not live up to his name--this is a good thing.

Sun. Aug. 3rd
Mame, BG, and I had brunch at Five Star--yum's THE word. We took a walk on campus. Checked out the new student learning center. I'm so impressed and jealous. Computers everywhere; leather chairs, new classrooms, Jittery Joe's coffee. Hmpf. I want to be back at UGA. To bad they don't have a criminology program. We got stuck in the rain. Went home finally. I went back downtown to buy cds. Watched Sex and the City later.

Mon. Aug. 4th
I drive home, arriving a hour before I have to work and a day before my last paper is due.

I don't know how I did it. I'm incredibly exhausted.

BG will probably tell the story better.

Dream last night:
Big Gray and I are standing in our backyard at our childhood home in Auburn. He's showing dead female bodies piled underneath a tarp. He says it's a trap for the rapist we're trying to catch--the police are in on it too. Apparently, he's a necrophiliac. Occasionally they leave wine for him 'cause he likes to serenade the bodies. The man lives next door, yet no one can catch him. Gorjus even sited him. As we're talking, the rapist appears--very tall, naked, and he's a cyclops that can't see. He senses BG and me. We run back to the house; the cyclops runs freakishly to find us, but doesn't see us. We're safe and the cyclops goes back to re-raping the bodies.

And you guys thought I was innocent and pure minded.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003


I'm compatible with William Holden's Hal on Picnic. No arguments there.

The quiz.

For those of you who are a fan of Cops.

Monday, August 04, 2003

The return of the prodigal daughter...
First day of classes was a bust. I've never experienced chaos like today. I had to cart 36 students around after we discovered that the classroom I was supposed to be in was already being used and wound up using a freshman physical science room with 8 too few desks and no air conditioning. I was treated to some of the most aggressive and scary students who failed to share my enthusiasm with taking art in high school. I spent a good deal of my day fighting back the tears.
Alas, tomorrow is another day...

On a brighter note, my photo class is only 14 students big and they all seem at least moderately glad to be there.

I spent both my planning period and my lunch trying to sort out the mystery of where exactly they expected me to conduct my way-too-big Art I class in the morning.

My mom told me that I was smart and creative enough to make it work and I have half a mind to believe her, at least for now.

I will admit that I'm frightened of the students who wrote "guns" as a source of inspiration for their art...

More than words
Ladies and gents, there's a new toothpaste in town. Aquafresh has just released "Extreme Clean." I tried it at Mame and BG's. Its unconventionalty (word?) will take you by surprise. So I was thinking it would be mintyfresh-to-the-max. Oh it's fresh, but it ain't minty. More like a Hall's eucalyptus cough drop. I think I'm the only one in the world who likes that flavor; so, I had a treat, in addition to a shock, everytime I brushed my teeth. I bought the toothpaste today.

What kind of city names itself Country Club Hills?

Isn't great when you have a fantastic song stuck in your head and cannot remember the title or artist; then you do remember and it's from a cd you own. so, you can listen to it all the time.
I can't say enough good things about the latest Broken Social Scene. It sounds like Do Make Say Think (imagine that considering members of DMST are in the band), Wheat, Sea and Cake, Tortoise and more. All great influences=winning combination.

Damn you Athenians
Why you gotta be so much fun? It hasn't been even seven hours since I left my beloved town and the malaise has set in. Sure, in a couple of days I'll realize that I do like FL and I am very pleased with the direction my life is taking, but right now as I sit at my office in front of my computer on another manic weather monday after a weekend of wild antics and saturnalia, I question why i'm here (whew. what a run-on. ignore the bad grammar please). Ok. scratch that. Definitely no saturnalia, just good ol' fashioned dancing fun. In return I get: scratchy throat, no voice, physical exhaustion, blisters on my feet, aching muscles, dehydration...Was it worth it? Oh yeah. I love Athens/Athenians and prom weekend. Note to me: don't ever wear stilettos again even when they make your legs look hot.

note to D. McFarty: you missed out on an awesome weekend.

On my trip back there was a billboard for reversal vasectomies. Is it really necessary to advertise? There's a crime and punishment museum off of I-75. It has the potential to be really hokey, but since GA was a prison colony maybe it's worth a road trip.

Ugh. I just remembered that I have to dj from 12-2 am tonight/tomorrow morning on top of finishing a paper. I need sleep.

***update: ok. so postpartum wasn't exactly the word i was looking for. I knew it then, but wrote it anyway. It sounded good at the time--probably due to lack of sleep. You guys know what I meant, didn't you? I've already taken it out, if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

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