Friday, August 01, 2003

Hot Child in the City
Alright folks. In nearly 7 hours I hope to be on my way back to Athens for the glorious event we know as Prom Weekend. I'm under the assumption that I'll actually finish this menacing paper before 5. One thing I've learned over the past days: I know theory, but I stink at methodology.
So, for the Athenians, I'll see you this evening. As for Mr. Gorjus, aka Mr. I'm definitely coming to prom this year who has yet to confirm whether he's coming, perhaps I'll see you. If not, then I suggest you don't show your face in my presence again. Just kidding, but I'll still be disappointed.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Woke up this morning with Color Me Badd's (yeah, remember them?) "All for Love" in my head. This is wrong for the following reasons:
1) it's All for Love by Color Me Badd--a ludicrously annoying and catchy song
2) it's happened on several occasions
3) I can play it on the trumpet, which leads to a couple more reasons...
4)We played it in my high school marching band. Why this song?
5) Why is a marching band playing All for Love at a football game.
6) It was kind of fun to play.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

White Hot Nights
Hey ladies. Look who's coming to Sex and the City

You know what happens when you assume...
I just walked into the bathroom at work. The door was slightly ajar, and I was about to turn on the light when I noticed what I deduced to be a new piece of artwork. It was oddly shaped and I was thinking "wow, it's kind of modern for this office." Why I went on this thought pattern for 20 sec. while standing half in the bathroom with the light off I don't know. I turn the light on, and, low and behold, IT's THE paper towel dispenser that has not moved probably since the building was built. Maybe this isn't that funny to others, but I got a kick out of it. It's in my nature to be self-deprecating.

I dug this up for the Big Gray rareties collection
At this moment I'm eating an avocado sandwich from Atlanta Bread Company, which, btw, is scrumptious. I'm reminded of a time when BG and I visited our grandparents at their cabin in Minnesota. BG and I are on the porch and something prompts him to write a song about something we can all relate to: avocado juice. My recall is not so good, but here are the lines I do remember:

Avocado juice really hits the spot
It's even for adults and tots
Avocado juice today
Avocado juice in May
Avocado juice is here to stay

Life with BG is never boring.

I think I get an email a week telling me to get my criminal justice degree on-line. What am I waiting for?! Why waste that money here? Yeah, um, I think I prefer an human interaction over the computer.

I went to copy the article I needed from a criminology journal (see below) on microfilm. I told my story to the librarian and apparently criminology journals are most frequently vandalized--art books are second. Interesting. Those who should know better are committing most the crime. I'll spare you the analysis here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I might be with the conservatives on this one
Sure, it's not mandatory, but how is this achieving diversity and open mindedness? Great, so bigoted heterosexuals can go on thinking this way in their homogenized sexual preference world, never to confront their biases and work to resolve them. It's putting a bandaid on the situation, but not fixing it.
Am I being overly pessimistic?

This editorial from the NY Times illustrates my increasing fear that Americans aren't as critical as they should be and the media is, in part, due to this. Look at us. Fox News seems to be one of the top news sources for most Americans, and CNN isn't getting any better (my apologies to V+ and Chris). Ratings affect what gets reported, moreso than ever. Watching the BBC news is almost surreal in its realisticness (it's not a word, i know). It doesn't treat its audience as passive, and look at the results.

Has anyone noticed how eerily apropos Network is lately? Watch it if you have not.

Taking two classes during the 5 week summer session while working 20 hrs. a week has kicked my ass. So, now it's time I did some of the ass kickin'. I took my first and final exam of the semester this morning and "tore it up" i guess you could say. This is a unique circumstance for me. I've been plagued for most of my educational career (I can trace it back to Kindergarden even) with test anxiety--serious near panic attack inducing test anxiety. I've talked to teachers, and their advice is typically "just relax." Easier said than done. My frustrations increase because I know the material and can't put it into words under such pressure compounded by the fact that others who study and know seemingly less than me (based on class discussions and study groups. not saying that i know everything. just at that moment they're less prepared) tend to score better all because they're good test takers. I've failed tests where I should have had an A. When people say "I'm sure you did better than you think," nope. Never the case for me. Sure, I realize that some of these reactions might be self-fulfilling prophecies, but I have tried to stop it. So, you're probably wondering why I did so well on the test this morning. Drugs. That's right. Anxiety reducing drugs. My mom slipped 'em to me on her last visit. It's scary how well they work. No side effects, and no anxiety. The test was a breeze. Although, the correlation may not be as strong, because the exam questions were given to us a week ago. I didn't have time to prepare till Sun. evening. So, their was definitely cause for anxiety, but it wasn't there. I've got two papers to finish by Fri. and I feel great! Yeah drugs!
Giving the exam questions ahead of time--what a novel idea. God forbid a teacher might actually want you to think about your answers and pass a test. I don't think the multiple choice or memorize and regurgitate in one hour formats have taught me anything other than how to take that test in other classes. So, what's the big deal with actually informing your students what the test will be about? I can guarantee you I'll remember it better if I'm given the time to truly analyze the question. I've come to the decision that some teachers feed their egos with the knowledge that they can fail students. Maybe they're in denial. It's always the students didn't study enough; the problem never lies within the format of the test. When half a class + doesn't pass a test, that suggests something more than the students not studying enough. Maybe they're just complacent. All of this, of course, excludes those in the education department, who are actually researching better teaching/test taking methods, based on what I've heard from BG and others.
Speaking of complacency...on my way to work, the line for the Wendy's drive-thru went into a three lane street/highway. This was a potentially very dangerous situation which could have been remedied with the mere thought of parking, getting out of your car, and going into the restaurant. *Gasp*

Monday, July 28, 2003

Don't break my heart...
...and tell me that you aren't coming this weekend after all.
I even put down the plastic sheets that you like so much...

Get ready for the Prom, ya'll. I wish that my high school prom had been sponsored by PBR like the Team Clermont Prom is. I had to settle for jug wine and a lifetime of regret.

What's this I hear about stag? Come on ladies! This is Y2K+3. Get out there and ask a guy. If I could convince Jen E to go to my senior prom with me, as finicky as she was, you lovely ladies can get anyone! I'm thinking Friendster...

And since when did so many hot guys live in Atlanta?

Sex and the City
Would anyone care to discuss?

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Consider it a PSA
GQ magazine is encouraging men to don Birkenstocks with socks this late summer/early fall when the daytime heat turns to evening chills. Men of America, I do not recommend this look. Neither can most of the women you want to date if you read GQ.
I do, on the other hand, recommend the houndstooth Miu Miu sweater two pages over.

And Johnny Depp is officially my number one favorite gypsy. Again.

Athenians, ex-Athenians, and Athens fans: Caliente Cab has changed it's name to "Salsa Rock Cafe". I don't think I have to tell you how I feel about this...

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