Saturday, July 26, 2003

Oh, the irony
I need one crucial article for a paper due on Friday. I'm at the library with the Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency in hand, and what happens? The article I need is torn out. This is #2 time the same situation has happened this summer. Why? A classmate/law student, once told me that this is common thing among law students because of the competition. Wha? Huh? People actually tear out articles at the expense of others? Assholes.

As I write this I just received an exam care-package from my mother--her thoughtfulness already makes me feel better. Contents: my b'day present, some candy, and a container full of trail mix. The trail mix is a classic for my mom. Growing up our, BG and me, lunches consisted of trail mix or granola, apple juice, fruit, and a sandwich on pumpernickel, rye, or wheat bread. No potato chips, no Capri Sun, no candy. Fruit wrinkles/roll-ups sometimes. It was difficult explaining nutritional yeast to the other kids. Oh yeah, brazil nuts were always in the Christmas stockings. Now, I wouldn't have it any other way. Interestingly, I don't have many sugar cravings, but salt binges? yes.

Friday, July 25, 2003

I've been noodling and, as you'll see, we are back in business with posts. Sorry Klink Family. You served me well and I'm sorry that you are having troubles but I had to abandon you.

I've spent the last 3 days at benefits and "Learning Focused Schools" orientation. I won't bother you with all of the details and please keep the "learning as opposed to what kind of schools?" comments to a minimum...

My school district offers great benefits packages. I could have full insurance for $32 bucks a month. Instead I had to go and get married and to add Lucas to my insurance it'll be $122. Bull shit. For one measley other person? I can understand if you have a bunch of kids but this is ridiculous! A weight around my neck is all he is.

So the new car is so great. I totally left the keys hanging in the door today in the school parking lot. One thing I can say about ______County is that it's not a high crime area. There my little car was, keys swinging in the breeze, at 3:30 after a long day of learning how to teach kids to learn more, faster, better.

BG is trying to put away CD's. Those of you who know us and know our music collection can imagine what a mind blowing task this is. I'm not helping him because I did it last time. I'm not doing a lot of things these days because I did them last time.

I'm tired and my ulcer is kicking, probably from the giant cup of coffee I drank this morning to keep myself from running off the road at 7 am. Later skaters.

Why do we have a comment section now, but others still don't?

The Agent is off duty
I feel so uninspired to post, knowing that shout outs are still not here. Jeezus, I've resorted to potty humor (see below). I suppose this comes at a good time considering my workload from school. Lately, I've been mulling over the gap between research and policy, growing increasingly frustrated with how little one affects the other; I think they should go hand-in-hand. I had planned to explain further with citations and all, but, alas, I don't have the desire (i'm not quite sure why I'm telling this). I should probably spend more time on school work, but I will leave you with these thoughts to ponder:

Hispanics are now the largest minority, and much of the research on crime and race/ethnicity remains a black/white issue.
I plan on examining the differences in crime among Hispanics, blacks, and whites by looking at gang involvement. Gangs, in general, are up from last year, and I believe that Hispanic gangs have surpassed other races/ethnicities. Since 1998, the U.S. has lost 11% of its manufacturing jobs. Presumably, this would affect not only African Americans, but Hispanics, as well, considering their employment lies mainly within the manufacturing sector. So, do the structural/ecological arguments proposed by Shaw and McKay, Parks and Burgess, W.J. Wilson, which basically state that crime is a result of the environment (i.e. poverty, unemployment, public housing) in which we live, support the increase in delinquency among Hispanics? What about individual factors? What disinguishes Hispanics from other minorities? Maybe Hispanic culture does not emphasize deliquency, per se, but does promote other characteristics endemic to being in a gang: unity, support, family, etc. This might explain the increase in gang involvement, and subsequent delinquency. There could also be an interaction between the structural and individual factors. Not to confuse things further, but when researching Hispanics one must consider that they're panethnic. Delinquency in Puerto Ricans may be different from Mexicans. You can't lump all Hispanics together.
Does this make a bit of sense (not that anyone can tell me)? I'm just trying to get my thoughts together.

Smooth move Ex-Lax
I recently discovered B & M's Baked Beans while grocery shopping. Good marketing? Methinks not.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Have you guys checked out the latest on engrish.com? Endless entertainment.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Viva D.C.!
I just ordered the ticket for my trip to WA D.C. over my b'day. This trip couldn't come a minute too soon.

I'm in the travelin' mood. London for New Year's anyone?!

Monday, July 21, 2003

A few things of note
1. Tom Cruise was HOT in Minority Report. And I also thought that the movie was really good.

2. Dr. Doolittle 2, on the other hand, is not so good.

3. Circuit City is the greatest store with the greatest customer service I have ever seen. They work on commission, btw.

4. Driving a white convertible ups my cuteness factor 15, no 18%. But it only works while I'm in the car. Having someone other than Big Gray, preferably female, in the car with me puts the icing on the cake. We're unstoppable.

5. Our parents were right: having good credit makes all the difference in the world.

6. No one in the south has any business wearing heather gray during the summer.
This is my report.

Better late than never?
We received a NYGC survey today from 2001. We just completed the 2002 survey (we measure the previous year). It's a little bit worrisome that an agency doesn't even bother to check the date on the survey. No wonder gang data is so difficult to acquire.

Out with the old and in with the new

Sunday, July 20, 2003

More notes
Whoa! Michael Mann produced Miami Vice?! I think I can safely say he's one of my favorite directors. Has he made a bad movie (I guess some didn't like Ali)? He's like Terence Malick: quality over quantity. I just watched Manhunter. I thought it might scare the crap out me based on the clips I had seen on Bravo, but it didn't. Still loved it though. It's difficult to tell whether I liked it more than Silence of the Lambs. Seeing Silence first makes me a bit partial to it. Both are lightyears better than gross-out suck fest 2001 (aka Hannibal). I thought the editing was well done in Manhunter. I guess the end was a bit freaky. I'm sure if I watched it again I'd pick up on a lot more. One thing Mann's superb directing could not transcend: the taint of the 80's. Yuck. Some of the background music needs to go along with the clothes--it's almost laughable.

I did some sun bathing today, which is not a typical activity in a day in the life of the agent--has not been ever really. I figured my pastey white skin was a disservice to the Florida tourism industry, and I could study whilst I roasted; so, I took the plunge and now I'm red-cheeked and have a very visible tan line. The tan line doesn't concern me except the strapless dress I might wear to prom will appear to have straps if it doesn't fade. I was out there for no more than an hour and half, but stupid me didn't put on sun tan lotion.

I read that Asians are over-represented in arrests for illegal gambling. Your guess why is as good as mine.

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