Saturday, July 19, 2003

Notes from the weekend thus far:
Last night at the bar...
-I had a taste of a chocolate martini. Purists may scoff at the idea of a chocolate martini, or any fruity mixed drink for that matter, but I don't care. When a mixed drink can taste like a Jello pudding pop, then I'll drink it.
-There was a dj and dancing. People who dance alone on stage make me uncomfortable or just embarrassed for them. Oh yeah, add those who dance slowly to songs like Song #3 by Blur to the list.
-Two guys still dressed in work clothes were totally stealing dance moves from Kids Incorporated.
-a women standing next to me in line at Bed, Bath, and Beyond declared she was in dire need of a Valium--I'd say so, if you felt the need to say it to everyone around you.
-I procrastinate. A lot.

Playlist 7/19
Frog eyes--Miasma Gardens
The clientele--Lamplight
Auburn Lull--blur my thoughts again
appleseed cast--a dream for us
aarktica--the hook, the reel and the pull
saturday looks good to me--no good w/ secrets
summer hymns--pete rose affinity
aberdeen--drive (name stealers, hee hee)
club 8--the next step you'll take
smokey and miho--canto de caboclo pedra preta
billy vaughn--my isle of golden dreams (I love looking through our old records)
vitesse--southern girls
polyphonic spree--it's the sun
certainly, sir--my thing for you
south--the course of
alfie--it's just about the weather
astorria--length of common rafters
client/server--mighty sunfish
nick cave--brompton oratory
lonesome organist--blue bellows
the plains--black hills, SD
radar bros.--into the hills
saloon--free fall
metric--wet blanket
billy bragg--she's got a new spell
gilberto gil--procissao
super furry animals--the undefeated
the ocean blue--ballerina out of control
GD Luxxe--new definition
u-ziq--AEC Merlin
Built to spill--else
tom waits--heart of saturday night (requested!)
limbeck--i wrote this down
the starvations--rebel angel
philistines jr.--the truth about scientists
electronic--late at night
ides of space--this side of the screen
josephine wiggs experience--downward facing dog
ILYA--nux vomica
flying saucer attack--for silence

Friday, July 18, 2003

We don't get any good sunlight in this house except first thing in the morning and at around 6 pm. Damn water oaks.

I've been promised a trip to the Pottery tonight. I've never been but I'm told I can buy things there for 50 cents (or fiddy cent, depending on how you swing). Suzanna, I hear, is in the market for some new lucky bamboo...

My affirmative action professor is in love with this site. I found it humorous, as well. Check out the playing cards and legos.

Even the slightest scratch on Charlie's back sends him into a frenzied fit of itching. Poor doggie comes up and wants to be loved and I recoil as if he were a cobra.

RRC just called to tell me that she saw a t-shirt at TJ Max last night made by a company called "Nit's Landing". There was a poorly named student group here on campus called N.I.T.T.

Apparently Elise has a new boyfriend. Grow up, people.

Where's Alasdair Roberts?
I think I need my appendix out. I've got unbearable cramping on my left side.

(btw, I apologize for my baaad indie joke. I really am in pain, though.)

"She certainly did not hurt or kill this girl."
This is the most depressing story I've read in awhile.

The Agent detects foul play.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

My last plant standing is officially dead. I think I over-water.
That is my report.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

More details on this weekend
Rebecca walked past a store full of Native American-style souvenirs and declared "I just don't like that stuff."
Greg LaClaire approached us as we were going to the bathroom and said, "We're at the Starlight Lounge. We got a couple of tables..."
David (gorjus) tackled Shana Montgomery thinking it was me. She thought at first that he must be crazy. It was confirmed later.
According to drunk gorjus, you always hit on 20.
Big Gray totally walked into the girls bathroom and we all saw it.
At the Silver Star, it's perfectly acceptable to play $100 blackjack hands wearing overalls.
I got to kiss the dice at the craps tables many times. Scott LaClaire came up and said, "It's like a fucking movie over here."
"No more bets" is the most perfect comeback to any statement.
Just because the drinks are free doesn't mean you should order another one (David!)
Scott called someone at the bar "Redneck".
The local at the casino bar, the Starlight, came to be affectionately called Cheryl Bangs by RRC and me. She had on white cut off sweatpants, a pink halter top and sunglasses at 3 am. Bill said she was either 40 or had "never been out of the sun".
RRC sat at the roulette table with a couple who were playing all their Nascar numbers for luck. The woman insisted on asking every casino employee when "the drinks were coming back around".
We made Greg get the pink pudding at the buffet and promptly started calling him "pink puddin'" for the rest of the night.
We totally watched Top Gun on the bus ride home.

No one will touch it, so I will
Our weekend started out normal enough. We packed up and loaded into RRC's Honda along with Phoebe and headed to the meet-up sight to catch the bus. There were 15 of us and we were stopping in Atlanta to meet up with Scott L's older brother. Once we were complete we were on our way through one of the most terrifying and long bus trips of our life.

Our driver, Dorothy I think, was a nice enough lady but I am unsure as to her driving credentials. We all thought we would die before fulfilling our destinies at the Silverstar resort/casino.

We finally rolled into Philadelphia, MS and were treated to 20 minutes non-stop (imagine that) of Big Gray telling us that "none of this used to be here!" Yeah. We get it. Most of the guys had played cards the entire way and us girls (4 total) spent most of the trip reading Young Adult Literature or talking about our wardrobe strategies for the weekend.

Our first assignments once at the casino were varied. I immediately took a bath, RRC relaxed in her room and just about everyone else headed for a tour of the two casinos. A little roulette, a little slots, and we were off across the street to the Golden Moon, the sister casino to the Silver Star. The Golden Moon is nicer, but the SS is much more fun. I lost all but 5 of my 40 dollars in blackjack, borrowed 20 more from BG and headed back to the SS where I promptly won it all back plus another 90. When you're up, you're up. Scott Laclaire was up the most at that point but from what I hear he lost his shirt in Caribbean poker. I think we finally went to bed around 4 am.

The next day was full of swimming pools, mediocre Mexican food and a visit from Jackson folk, jp and gorjus. Instantly the energy level was raised with gorjus in the room and jp was already drunk from the drive over so we all headed downstairs to catch up. RRC and I redubbed the mediocre mexican place, Ventanas (yes, windows), to "dysentarianas". Use your imagination. More blackjack and more lost money but thankfully BG was still up and we were having a blast. The plan was to meet for buffet dinner at 7:30 so we (RRC and I) headed up to change. We hadn't seen or heard from the boys or Phoebe for a while but we were sure they'd turn up. When we were dressed we made plans to meet Jax and BG for 99 cent margaritas at Dysentarianas but ended up finding them, where else, at the arcade.

Dinner was much anticipated and an even bigger let down. We all walked out of there with cramps, except jp who ate nothing but peel and shrimp the whole time. He had enough iodine in him to combat even the worst of what we were feeling. It all settled eventually and it was off to the casino again. I lost everything I had made the day before, plus the 40 dollars I was gambling with. But jp taught me how to play craps, loaned me 10 dollars and I was off. I played off that 10 dollars for 3 1/2 hours and still came out 25 dollars ahead. Take that, blackjack!

No tears were shed when the bus finally rolled back into Athens on Sunday around 7. It's taken everything out of me to recount even the most basic details. More later on the clothes, Cheryl Bangs and The Redneck.

We're gonna rock down to Electric Ave.
All systems are a go at IIR. After 15min. of darkness, the power is back on at work. I could have easily fallen asleep for the rest of the day. I'm bordering on my own mental meltdown.

This was an absolutely pointless entry. C'mon Mame. Help me. I'm drownin' here.

This might be interesting to some of you

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

My Call To Action
Has anyone else experienced what I call education's equivalent of the Kitty Genovese Syndrome--no one talks in class because everyone is waiting for someone else to do it? I've been plagued with situations like this throughout my educational career. I thought maybe this syndrome was contingent upon being an undergraduate or younger and maybe your field of expertise, or the professor. Nope. It appears to have extended into my graduate classes with some of the best and inspiring professors I've ever had. At this point, we should know enough to have decent discussions on the readings to say the least! Oh no. In my morning class of nine graduates including two law students, there's silence, except from me and the hottie Aussie next to me. Sure, I've been guilty of not speaking before when I should have, but I try my best on most occassions. I hate it when classmates say that the class is soo boring. Well, if you'd speak maybe we could make it more exciting. C'mon, it's time to show a little more passion for what you study.

Good god
We watched a clip from They Live in class today. I believe it holds the title for the most and worst one-liners within a 30min. time frame. I can only imagine what I would hear after watching the whole thing. I'm not sure how it relates to Affirmative Action, but I'm sure my professor will get to it somehow. He's currently writing a book on the Matrix movies and social policy.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Weekend at the casino
RRC went there thinking that roulette was her game, but it's really blackjack. I went thinking blackjack was my game, and it was for a while, but shifted over to craps and I'm never going back. I want a craps table in my house. I want to save up all my money and go back to the casino. I have dreamt about gambling 3 nights in a row now.
Blackjack is a quick game and you either win a lot really fast or lose a lot really fast. Craps takes it's time. I don't make a lot of risky bets because I'm still learning. Thanks to jp for teaching my how it's played.

I'm too overwhelmed by the weekend to even recount individual events but we had a fabulous time. A word of advice, though: The Silver Star Casino's "Startacular" lazer show is neither startacular or a lazer show as you might imagine. We left about 5 minutes in when the video projection of two cow folks in love started to get unbearable. Big Gray found us inside contemplating which table to sit at and said that it was getting better. My response was that if I couldn't hear Foreigner blasting through the walls and see the pyrotechnics I was not going back outside.

To preface the forthcoming link, I'll tell you that one of my favorite links is policeinternational.com. You can discover the operations of law enforcement around the world! So, I was looking at South Africa and went to the "kiddies corner" and found this. The most pertinent question to his presentation: "Why does Captain Crime Stop wear so many colors?" I like their answer for it too.

For your enjoyment.
Follow it with this.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

I just heard at the radio station meeting that Kraftwerk and MBV are back in the studio. Can anyone verify this?

Last Thurs. in class during break, a girl comes across the classroom to ask me why I looked like I didn't understand a word our teacher was talking about at that moment. First of all, why does she care? Secondly, did I really look that confused, because I wasn't in the slightest. This isn't the first time someone has asked me if I'm ok or about to cry. It happens on a regular basis. Do I always have be cheery? No one else gets asked that question for looking equally as pensive or depressed. Jeezus, how bad do I look?

I got lucky this weekend
Went thrift store shopping and found these nifty thrifties (did I really just write that?).
On vinyl:
Stevie Wonder--Songs in the Key of Life
-practically in mint condition
-I had thought of this last album week. What a coincidence!
The Boss--Darkness on the Edge of Town
Fleetwood Mac--Rumours

For presents:
-a plastic retro rainbow picture frame with circles throughout the rainbow for pictures (i'm not doing it justice).
-an old children's book called "Bedtime Stories," or something like that, with creepy yet pointless stories.
-a book featuring the cartoon characters "The Snorks"

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