Wednesday, July 02, 2003

This is for the fans!

Apologies all around
There has been a serious lapse in reciprocity failure on the part of Mame and I apologize. But honestly, being out of work makes my life even more dull than it was before. I try really hard to ressurect the witty banter to no avail. And have you seen my fotolog recently? Fucking boring shit.

As I mentioned earlier, someone needs to slap my face.

So far today I have watched 2 episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, eaten two waffles that tasted like syrup flavored freezer burn and worked myself into a fit trying to clean our bedroom, cursing the day Big Gray skipped when God was handing out tidiness.

My episodic bowling has left me with one very sore butt cheek. I'm not sure if my technique is wrong or if professional bowlers live with one perfectly sculpted cheek due to the lunges during final execution. I usually hold mine for good measure, until I'm sure the ball is going exactly where I want it to, sometimes dropping it down to a deep lunge for extra luck. Not unlike the drama bug, which I have thankfully never caught, I have the bowling bug. Phoebe and sat at Chonell's over cafeteria plates of fried catfish and okra, trying to determine the best price for an afternoon of bowling, the best days to go on and at what time. Working it out to a science.

My name is Mame Dennis, I'm 26 years old and I represent the beautiful state of Georgia.

An Agent's work is never done
Tonight I have rounded up a crew to go to "Decent Pizza." We shall see if it lives up to all of my mediocre expectations.

update: So, irony is what they're going for, or they're using the low-balling technique. Decent Pizza is far from "decent." Yum's the word. Slices were gigantic and ooey-gooey with cheese. Fun times.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Phoebe and I spent a good deal of the afternoon today saying things like "right down the middle" and "nice and easy". It seemed the appropriate thing to say while bowling and some of the more experienced bowlers to the right and left of us, at least to our eyes, were saying similar things. We did add our own spice by making up little cheers for when we got a strike or a spare. A strike is simply high "v" hand formation, feet slightly farther than shoulder length apart. A spare is a little more complicated, making a scooping motion with each hand on either side of the body, accompanied by the words "picking it up, picking it up".

The object of my misdirected anger today is the new Fanta commercial.

so tired. must go to sleep.
This rainy/ cloudy weather only exacerbates my constant lethargic state. I can't seem to get the motivation to do anything. I've got notes from last semester that still haven't been filed. They say that exercising increases your energy levels. Well, I go to the gym 4 days a week; while I'm in-shape and healthier, I don't feel energetic in the slightist.
Yesterday was an excruciatingly long day, and the last thing I wanted to deal with was an elitist law student at the reference desk in the law library who chuckled when--god forbid--I asked her where I could find a particular journal and a copying machine, because I wasn't familiar with library. Furthermore, why are the copying machines in the law library different from every other copying machine on campus? I couldn't use my student id to pay for the copies, and I didn't have any cash at the time; so, I spent an evening in the library to get this assignment done (I can't think of anything more uncomfortable). I hate this library. I've even been locked in before. grrr.
I'd like to thank Wendy's for staying open late last night. After taking a couple months sabbatical from fast food, those fries tasted mighty fine.
I've had a couple of great weeks, but I guess I had to have a bad day sooner or later.

Ah, relief
After two weeks of sensitive gums and pain, an embedded popcorn kernel appeared above my molar. I figured that was what caused the pain, but I couldn't see it anywhere. I feel soo much better

Monday, June 30, 2003

Recent hits to RF
We got one search for "dinosour (sic) eggs" and one for "fotolog lesbian".

The thrill is gone
Someone needs to slap my face off. I'm tired of doing absolutely nothing. Today I played tennis with PEMagee and I feel like a new woman. Tomorrow on the agenda is some laundry and, if the weather is nice, an afternoon by the pool. If it rains, we're going bowling. They don't serve beer at the bowling alley here, which I think is a dreadful shame. The south is great for many things, but selective prohibition is not one of them.

Our 4th of July trip to Jackson is cancelled. Instead, we're taking a 50 passenger party bus with about 25 other people to lovely downtown Philadelphia (Mississippi) the weekend of the 11th to stay at the Silver Star Casino. Clearly I have no money to gamble with, but I've been promised a weekend by the pool with some sort of daiquiri and lots of sunscreen. My comrade offered to pay my way to insure that I would in fact go, and the boys of summer paid Big Gray's fare as a birthday present. So that is that.

For those of you who follow this sort of thing, the Team Clermont Prom is the weekend of August 1. The actual prom is the 2nd. Your faithful, yet unemployed author is the prom chairperson this year, which I think puts me out of the running for prom queen. I'll have to hand over my crown. I plan to wear my green bridesmaids dress, cut off at the knee with some hot pink tulle attached at the botton so when I dance you'll know I mean business. I believe Mooney Suzuki is on the block to be the prom band this year. More details later as they become known to me. Any out of towner planning to come to Athens please let me know ASAP if you need a place to stay. I'll put out the good linens for some of you and hide the silver for others.

Day three, unemployed. Big Gray took the good car, so if I want to go to the bank or go play tennis as planned with Phoebe I either have to walk or try to get my car started.
My weekend was filled with drinking and watching TV. Presently I am sitting at the computer listening to the leak in the pipe behind the toilet. The sounds of the drops is getting progressively more constant. This worries me.

I have to resist the urge to spend every last dollar I have on mega nachos from the Taco Stand.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

In Memoriam

More Procrastination
Just this afternoon I was telling BG how I wasn't quite sold on this Friendster thing. I didn't have the time either--still don't. Well, this is the third time today I've spent more than 15min. looking at my connections. No one is remotely near me. Hmpf. Regardless, I'm addicted. Jeezus, that's one more distraction.

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