Friday, June 06, 2003

Mame and the Agent
So is everyone clear on the dual action we have going on here? I know it was a little confusing at first to throw someone new into the mix since traditionally Reciprocity Failure was just Mame, and before that ILDCandC (R.I.P)

So just take a fraction of a second at the end of each post for author information.
Here are some simple facts to help keep it straight:
Agent- Florida, Mame- Georgia
Agent- sister, Mame- wife (Big Gray)
Agent- criminology, Mame- photography
Agent- 6 1/2, Mame- 7
Agent- drone, Mame- rock and roll
Agent- blue, Mame- red
Agent- mostly nice, Mame- mostly bitchy
Good luck.

I just got an email from one of my upcoming professors for a summer class: Affirmative Action. He wanted to talk to his students beforehand (class doesn't start till then end of june). I've never had a professor do that before. I checked out his website. Not only does he study some of the same topics I'm interested in, he's apparently a fan of Steve Reich--perfect!
The class sounds fantastic. i lucked-out with this one.

My good friends Brynna (i've known her since pre-school) and Richard are living in China (not in the SARS infected areas apparently) teaching English to kids. She sends me great emails about what her kids said in class. Here's an adorable one:

I had my classes write some stories using these words: monster, banana, truck, beach, invention, fashionable, and future. They were so great and here's some of them:

1. "A scientist have a invention that change the gene of the banana. If a man eat the banana he will become a monster. If a woman eat it she will become a beatiful girl with fashionable cloth. He produce a truck of this kind of bananas and eat them. In the future if you walk on the beach and see a big octopus can speak, 'Hi. Good Morning.' Don't be afraid. That is the scientist who eat the bananas."

2. "In the future, a famous invention is making monsters. And it is fashionable to keep a monster as a pet for most person. The monster likes palying on the beach. However, it is hard to raise a monster because the monster would eat nothing except the trucks. To be worse, they will transform trucks into bananas when they drain. What a pitiable man who keeps the monster!"

3. "There is a scientist, he has an invention which can see the future. One day he want to see what will be in 3000 years. He is astonishing by a monster in the machine, which is in fashionable cloth with a banana in his hand. And he is going along the beach so leisurely. He want to know how does this happen? He sees the 2500 year and sees all of people are controlled by their bad mind. They kill each other with trucks, guns and everything others."

4. "One day a fashionable driver who dresses like a monster is driving along the beach. After he ate a banana he felt very thristy. Suddenly he saw a bottle of future-cola. He rush to the cola, then drink it up, feeling very comfortable. 'Oh, future-cola is a great invention!'"

5. "In future, someone make a invention that is truck which looked like a banana. The truck is special truck that can move on the beach. In the sea there is a monster which fashionable food is banana. Some day the monster find a bigger banana on the beach, it's so happy. Then it eat this special banana which actual is a truck. The monster is so bad luck."

Susan was the first friend I made in college. I came here not knowing anyone at all and life ushered Ms.Gunter into my world. We've been friends longer than anyone else I have here in Athens. Rebecca and Phoebes are a close second. But because of that, she has things like this in her archives...
Left to right is the aforesaid Gunter, Rebecca and me, barely old enough to drink.

Big Gray back on the radio
For those of you in our fair city or into webcasting, Big Gray will be back on his noon-time radio shift at WUOG today.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

I need a blog intervention.
I bought myself a new camera yesterday, a Woca. It's like a Holga, for those of you in the know, but instead of the Holga plastic lens, the Woca has a glass lens. It's supposed to give you all the benefits of the Holga with a slightly sharper image. We'll see...

With that said, I plan to re-dedicate myself to traditional method photography. I've had the digital for a little over a month now and I like it, but there is no substitution in my head and my heart for the ol' darkroom.

In the spirit of community art
Ms. Comrade and I have had the notion for quite some time to start up a gallery and community art center and it seems we have an investor. Now we are faced with the task of finding a location and getting wheels in motion. Our sweet little indie rock town is chock full of artists and art school attendees so there should be no shortage of people interested in our venture. Big Gray is good at location scouting. I'm a little overwhelmed to do anything like that. I like the planning/renovationg/curating side of it much more than the hunting/negotiating/buying side of it. Let's leave that up to someone else, shall we?

Anyway, wish us luck as we turn our drunken ideas into reality. Hey, it worked for Transmatique...

Dear BCB,
Why you gotta ruin my day by putting ham in your croissants and not telling anybody?

I have made two, count them TWO, Wuzzles references in the past 24 hours. If I were a Wuzzle I would be a bunny mixed with some bioluminescent fish. It would look something like this.

That Wuzzles site, by the by, has the theme song.

Gee, i wonder who his parents idolized
There's a new catering place on my way to work: Karl Mark's Catering. I can't imagine he would change his name for a catering business. How would that be advantageous? What's on the menu? I'm intrigued. More details later...

"Total Fucking Godhead"
-said someone when reviewing the second Tindersticks album.

I heard just one minute of the upcoming Tindersticks album on the radio and it still gave me chills. I've heard it was reminiscent of their older albums--fine by me!
The first time i heard them i was a junior in high school visiting Big gray in Starkville, MS. At that time, he was back in the dorm living with Henry. He sat me down in his blue papasan (sp?) chair and told me to listen to this band he had just discovered. I became an instant fan; i had never heard anything so unique. To this day, they are still one of my all time favorite bands.
Most of my memorable musical discoveries have occurred with Big gray. The best was the summer of '94, we spent most of our time buying cds, eating Checkers, going to the ATM, and listening to Pavement in his car.
Sure, i've heard some fine, innovative music lately, but, sadly, it's not likely to induce a Proustian (word?) experience in years to come.

I've been uncharacteristically sentimental lately--if you can't tell. I cried for an hour after watching a rerun of the Wonder Years season finale. I've never been a crier during movies and t.v. shows. Orientation is also happening on campus right now. I hated orientation, but at the sight of newcomers, i'm inexplicably nostalgic for my freshman year in college. Jeez.

YABC update:
Finished reading Judy Blume's Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself in one sitting. Well, to clarify, I had to stay up until 2:45 am but I finished it. That was Tuesday. It takes place in 1947 and a New Jersey family decides to move to Miami Beach for the winter after Sally's older brother develops nephritis after falling in a creek and spending the day in wet clothes. Sally is obsessed with water ballet, Margaret O'Brian, Latin lovers (although she spends a lot of time trying to find out where "latin" is) and Hitler. Naturally. I first read this book in 3rd grade after a trip to NYC with my parents allowed me to pick out anything I wanted from the Macy's toy and book departments. That was the trip that we spent Thanksgiving at the Waldorf Astoria, I had cheesecake for breakfast and I got to play Cole Porter's piano in the dining room on Thanksgiving day.
Last night I started Anne of Green Gables and got about 4 chapters in. My obsession with this series of books knew no limits circa 1987.

Sleeping the sleep of the righteous
I'm not sure what happened, but our whole house slept like a rock last night. No difficulty falling asleep. No restless pets. No snoring Big Gray. I woke up in the middle of the night and it was so quiet I thought for sure I was dead.

There is a pastry tray from Big City Bread sitting about 15 feet from where I am. It's all I can do to not eat myself into a coma. But I have to fit into that bridesmaids dress in 16 days. I also need to find undergarments that I can wear under cheap satin. Any ideas, ladies?

Truck Driver Shiek?
or Chic, if you prefer
From the grungey lumberjack to the peasant look, the look of truck drivers/hunters and the like is now all the rage. For $35 dollars you can get a hat with a designer's name?! Ridiculous. Furthermore, it's missing the essence of the exact same hats that you can buy at a local gas station for $3: phrases like, "We interupt this marriage for duck season." Don't throw away your collection Big gray. You're now a fashionista.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

A Roman Catholic Blog: published, no doubt, by a neurotic, bigoted, self serving suburban twit. Particularly touching are the multiple posts denying homosexuals of basic human rights and women of the right to choose.

Confidential to Ms. McKinley:
Shame on you.

Sorry folks
I get a lot of people who search "reciprocity failure digital" that find my blog. What a sore disappointment for them.
Today I got a search on "salinger laughing man". I was like the 4th or 5th hit. Isn't it disappointing that reciprocity failure, who mentioned Salinger once in the same post as The Laughing Man, was the 4th or 5th hit?

To remedy this, I have included some links to Salinger sites so that your search will not be a total loss.
letters to JD Salinger
NY Times links

My good friend Mr. Horton is back stateside since the SARS fanaticism has driven him out of China. Even though he is jobless, bedless, and now ladyless, I'm thrilled to the gills that he's here. NYC seems like a long way off until you compare it to China and now I feel like he's in my own backyard. I'm trying to convince him to come and stay in Athens, also a former haunt of his, and at this point just having an extra bed seems like enough incentive for him.

He is a writer and naturally he thinks my blog is shit. My other good friend, Mr. Lusk, is an artist so naturally he thinks my art is shit. I struggle with the notion of whether they have always been so judgemental because they love me and want the best for me or if they are just ass-holes. Maybe a little of both. But I love those guys, have been friends with them for years. We've all managed to disappoint each other at some point. Mr. Horton, Mr. Lusk and I were a reckonnable force in the late 90's. Were we all together now I imagine we would be still.

Mutiny on the bounty
Note to all you whiners:
Fotolog provided a free service to you as long as they could. Don't be a cheap bastard. Or at least don't fucking complain.

In an attempt to be humorous, someone changed the speed limit on campus from 30mph to 80mph with the magic of spray paint. Ha ha. Did you honestly believe that someone would go 80 on campus? where there are multiple traffic lights, cops, etc.? not to mention the fact that he/she didn't even try to match the other side of the 8 ( or 3). paint was dripping down the sign. very unconvincing. his/her stupidity made me laugh i guess.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

The college radio station that we so dearly love went mysteriously off the air just after my last post. Break radio is always tempermental when they can't fill the shifts. I have been sitting here listening to the white noise dead air since 3:30.

Thank god for government money
Big Gray got his student loan check today, so tonight we dine like kings at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We live in the center of the triad of 1. the best Mexican food in town 2. the best (only?) Peruvian food in town 3. the best cuban food in town. I always opt for the Mexican.

The growing Latino population in the south bothers me not in the slightest, although it bothers a lot of people that are still peeved about integrated schools or the more subversive ones that just keep moving into northern and eastern corners of the cities to get away from the (gasp!) expanding working class. Our neighborhood is pretty evenly mixed between the black residents and the white residents and a few months ago a somewhat large Hispanic family moved into the house down the street on the corner. Nice as could be, they have managed to fulfill every cultural stereo type that the wealthy and/or bigoted white flee from and fear for their neighborhoods: multiple cars on blocks always with the hoods up and a couple of guys in white tee shirts poking away, never less than 3 lines of laundry strew all over the yard, diapered babies splashing in and out of an inflatable pool and salsa music blaring from a boom box. It adds a little spice to our humble barrio.

I can't stay awake for the life of me. Perhaps it's the dark skies and persistant rain. Hurricane season has arrived. I'm not quite sure what that means for Tallahassee. I've heard it's not so bad here; a lot of rain, though.
Last night i had a dream that I needed surgery to remove the blisters on my feet, or so i thought. When I asked, "That's all?" someone said, "no, it's for your stomach too." I looked down at my stomach to find a slit down my left side where they were to just pull away the skin and operate i suppose. ick. maybe that's why i didn't sleep well and can't stay awake now.

While in my search on the server for a phone number for someone with the first name "Sissy", I found a stockpile of papers that my boss' son wrote...and all of the papers from the internet that he downloaded and plagiarized.

What a sorry sack of shit.

I'm a volatile gal
I cried during Finding Nemo. I cried like a dog during 6FU. Hell, I even cried 3 times during an episode of Sex in the City the other day.

Just because it's 1/2 off doesn't mean you should drink twice as much
rrc says:
how you feeling, poochie?
rrc says:
like a shithead?
mame says:
um, like I wanna barf
mame says:
but I'm hydrating, so 20 minutes from now I might be better
mame says:
...or I might barf
In a rare moment of clarity yesterday I actually tried to pass on drinking as planned with RRC and Susan but was convinced otherwise. Every Monday Depalmas downtown has 50% off all bottles of wine under $50. Can't beat that with a stick. But today I feel like someone beat my head with a stick. Or a dump truck.

As the evening wound to a close both Red and Susan had wishes of things like love and opportunity and career and all I could come up with for me was the Fabrio. No one should encourage my behavior.

I would like to formally welcome Agent Jensen to the pack. We're all glad you're here.

Monday, June 02, 2003

An Introduction
Per the request of others, my sister-in-law invited me to share her blog. I had no intentions of being a blogger. My life is quite boring and I wasn't quite sure if i really wanted people to get a glimpse of my neurotic tendencies. I come from a long line of over analyzers. Nevertheless, here i am and absolutely flattered over the invitation.

So, most of you know me, but for those who don't...Mame is my sister-in-law (though she's practically a sister to me); Biggray is my brother. I completed my undergraduate degrees at the University of Georgia and have since moved to Tallahasse, FL to get my masters at Florida State in this program . I'll be honest, I'm not so excited about living in Tallahassee--FL for that matter. I can best describe Tallahassee as one long Baxter St. (Athenians know what i'm talking about). I'm really not that negative. In fact, i love my program, professors, etc. I will most likely continue my education here once i receive my masters. Ack! I could be Dr. Jensen by 28. Crazy.
Much to the dismay of family and friends, studying criminology does not necessarily mean that i'll be in the FBI or carry a gun. Sorry guys. I'm more interested in the effects of alternative education (special programs for delinquent kids) on criminal behavior, how fluctuations in the economy can affect innovations in penology, the definition of crime (why crimes of the powerful are not labeled as such), and what will happen over the next few years when a large influx of prisoners will be released with no education and vocational skills. As for my future, i'm hoping to do research that will also affect policy--something like that.
I work here: . We're funded by the Department of Justice/OJJDP, so it's a federal job. I help with our national survey for law enforcement agencies, tracking gang activity. In short, i look at a computer for four hours a day doing research on the agencies. I can't complain. I've got my own office and a pension plan!
My free time is primarily spent exercising (water aerobics and lifting weights), djing here (6-10 am Sat.), and watching lots of movies. Fortunately, I live a block away from the local independent theatre. It's got an intro. for the theatre that rivals the UGA Cinematic Arts Bulldog. You're flying through a land of refreshments when it takes you to the top of a mountain to show you their "10 Commandments." Lightning strikes the stone and says: thou shalt not talk during the movie, or pick up you litter. I kid you not. I love it!
Currently I'm reading Crime in the Making. I've never been much of a multi-tasker, so i'm reading comics--something quick and light-for fun. I alternate between the latest Chris Ware installment of Jimmy Corrigan, and, to prevent me from falling into a deep depression, James Kochalka's Sketchbook Diaries Pt. 2. I hear a new Optic Nerve is due soon, but i don't know if i'm really that excited. The last two haven't been so good. I've also been trying to finish a Wire from February, but i swear that magazine is like a novel. I always feel overwhelmed and slightly saddened after reading it. There's just too much music out there that i'll never get to.

What i'm listening to: Jim Croce's Photograhs and Memories--it's a best of collection. Yes, that's right. I was raised on this guy and Neil Diamond. So, i have a soft spot for the two. "Operator" gets to me everytime. Also, listening to the new Starlight Mints, New Pornographers, and Set Fire to Flame.
Ok. I think you guys get the picture. That's all for now.

Note to Pixar:
I loved Monsters Inc. I plan on enjoying Finding Nemo tonight when I go see it after work, but if I don't would it be asking too much for you to bankroll me? You see I've been working for this lawyer, begrudgingly, and if there's one thing I've learned it's that most people think it's ok to sue for the most ridiculous thing. If I don't like your movie it might cause emotional duress and nothing short of, say, a million dollars will ease my pain.

Note to all prison inmates:
If you call someone collect and they don't accept the charges, don't call back. It's just sad.

I've decided that I want to be a statistician. Just because I like to say statistician.

What is it about British guys?
I just had a call from a reporter in London wanting to interview my boss and I'm in love with him. So polite. So dreamy. That accent melts my marzipan. On the contrary, guys who use fake (and usually bad) British accents are at the top of my List of Annoying.
I dated- if you could call it that...mostly just a lot of smooching over about a weeks time- a guy who insisted on using a poorly studied British accent. I'm not sure, but I don't think he had ever been out of the tri state area. It was doomed from the start, even though he was The Best Kisser (RRC confirmed it for me).

Fortunately, Big Gray only uses an accent when immitating or recounting things said by our lovely friend Helen, welsh. He does a pretty good job, even she says so.

Agent Jensen speaks out
You asked for it, you got it people. My adorable sister in law has received the official invite with password information to become a registered user on reciprocity failure.
Now to sit back and wait for the magic to happen...

My comrade and I went to visit my parents this weekend. I was going to start listing everything that we did, everything that was said, but it was really boring. To sum it up, I had just about the best weekend with my parents I've had in a long time. And I got two pairs of Italian shoes. And my toenails done.

Amendment: a great weekend despite the fact that my dad called me a pinko liberal. I couldn't think of a good retort so I threatened to move back in with my socialist husband and 18 adopted South Asian babies.

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