Saturday, May 17, 2003

"There are only three things in life: death, taxes and Willie fucking Nelson"
--as spoken to Lucas in the bathroom at the WN concert on Friday.

Every song he knew.

YMSP 82 in the house y'all.
"There doesn't seem to be any stereotype about black people that isn't more true about my relatives."
--Brandon Butler, white

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Yo, Sunshine,
I have to attend a wedding shower in PTC on Saturday. Whats you say you come back to the Classic City with me? Just a thought.
Or Sosebee is going to Fayettenam tonight and coming back tomorrow morning and offering to pick your ass up too if you want to spend the whole weekend here. Email is futile at this point since hotmail has abandoned me. Blog is all I have.

The Soulmate Calculator
Your probability coefficient: 0.00065934.

You have to meet 1,517 American singles who are between 18 and 35 years old who are living in the United States or willing to move there.

On a whim I searched female searching female. Only 1500 females between 18 and 35 are living or willing to live in the US looking for love. Those odds suck.

God, open up one lousy porn site at work and it's cookie cookie cookie.
I didn't actually open a porn site. Worse. I went to check my stats at Bravenet. What cocks. Their adds just about shut down my computer everytime I go there.

Crap. I had something to say and now it's gone.

I am operating with a certain level of frustration right now.

This gal commented on my fotolog so naturally I had to link to hers on my blog. She has some lovely, lovely polaroid stuff that was more worth sharing than the usual shit that I put up here. And she's harks from San Diego, my home town. I was tempted to write to her and tell her that in her own subtle way she makes me nostalgic. Something about the way people in SoCal look compared to the south, something about reading captions about Balboa Park. I decided against it, but frequently look at her fotolog as a silent homage.

All the way at the bottom, your humble author

2003-2004 SCHOOL YEAR
MAY 13, 2003
1.Linda Albinger T5-SP ED/IR CMS SP ED/IR R-G. Raber *
2.Mitch Alligood T5-SS MACHS SS R-M. Head
3.Jean Austin T5-SP ED/IR LHS SP ED/IR R-J. Austin *
4.Julia Bene T4-SP ED/IR LMS SP ED/IR R-J. Bene
5.Letitia Blackmon PAT4-SP ED/IR CMS SP ED/IR R-I. Maikori
6.Melody Bowers T5-ECE WPES 3rd Grade R-D. Harrison
7.Bruce Breedlove T6-MG WGES 4th Grade R-B. Breedlove *
8.Paula Brock DT6-SP ED/MR CMS SP ED/MR R-Phil Brock *
9.Phil Brock T6-Tech ED CMS Tech ED R-J. Mehaffey *
10.Hanon Combs T5-ELEM YES 3rd Grade R-P. Malone
11.Tamara Day T4-ECE ARES 2nd Grade R-T. Day
12.Mark Dudley PAT4-SP ED/IR CWCCS SP ED/IR R-E. Macham
13.Elaine Durden DT5-ECE WPES 3rd Grade R-E. Durden *
14.Michael Frankel T4-Math LHS Math R-T. Lehman
15.Lisa W. Frost T6-ECE LES 4th/5th EIP R-A. Shonesy
16.Jennifer Gay PAS5-Media Splst. LPS Media Specialist R-A. Germany
17.Paula Hart T5-MG CMS 8th Grade R-R. Blaszkiewicz
18.Linda Head T5-Math MACHS Math R-L. Head *
19.Michael Head T5-SS MACHS SS R-L. Head *
20.Katherine C. Hill CT4-ECE MES 3rd Grade R-D. Massey
21.Linda Hobbs WPAT6-SP ED/IR LMS SP ED/IR R-T. Walker *
22.Randy Holland PAT5-SP ED/IR CMS SP ED/IR R-S. Lee
23.Julia A. Hollins BT5-SP ED/IR LMS SP ED/IR R-E. Parker
24.Michael Holloway T4-SP ED/IR MES SP ED/IR R-A. Odum-Prince
25.Brandi W. Jackson T4-ECE WPES 3rd Grade RICS R-K. Holland
26.Tamatha Joiner BT4-SP ED/IR LMS SP ED/IR R-M. Guindon
27.John Kemp T5-CVAE MACHS CVAE R-J. Kemp *
28.Nancy Kyser T4-ECE ARES 5th Grade R-N. Gambrell
29.Joyce Little DT5-ESOL ARES ESOL R-M. Bell *
30.Alice Loomis DT4-ECE WPES 3rd Grade R-A. Loomis *
31.Edwin V. Maxey T4-MG CMS 7th Grade Math R-R. Hoard
32.James T. Melton T5-Ind. Arts LMS Ind. Arts R-M. Cono
33.Thomas B. Mills T5-SP ED/LD LHS SP ED/LD R-M. Holloway
34.Pat Moon T6-Gifted MPS Gifted R-P. Moon *
35.Bonnie Murajda T4-ECE ARES 5th Grade EIP R-B. Murajda
36.Lourdes Nieves T5-Spanish LHS Spanish R-A. Garcia
37.Dustin Peterson IT4-Spanish CMS Spanish R-L. Rodriquez
38.Rebecca Peterson PAT5-SP ED/IR CMS SP ED/IR R-G. Raber *
39.Judith Pfannkuche PAT5-SP ED/IR CMS SP ED/IR R-J. Pfannkuche *
40.Tonya Piggott ES5-SCH Counseling WGES SCH Counselor R-B. Dixon
41.Amy Pritchett T5-Reading LHS Reading R-P. Cono
42.Kay Ransom DT5-ELEM WGES 4th Grade R-B. Breedlove *
43.Angel Rodriquez T5-ECE YES 1st Grade R-T. Tidwell
44.Evelyn Rosser T5-ENG MACHS ENG R-J. Thompson
45.Kelley Silver T5-ENG MACHS ENG R-L. Crooks
46.Thomas Stringer DT5-Health/PE LHS PE R-T. Stringer *
47. Stacie Tarbet PAT5-MG CMS Math R-L. Young
48.Kim Thompson T4-English LHS English R-J. Hughey
49.Amelia M. Thornton CT4-ECE MES 5th Grade R-C. Benford
50.Christina J. Warren T4-ECE MES 4th Grade R-S. Cooper
51.Cheryl A. Whigham T5-BUS ED LHS BUS ED R-B. Paulk
52.Heather Wicker T4-ENG LHS ENG R-H. Wicker
53.Laura H. Williams S5-SCH Counseling ARES SCH Counselor R-A. Fischer
54.Frances Wilson T6-ESOL ARES ESOL R-F. Wilson *
55."Mame" T4-Art LHS Art R-E. Smith

The "R" at the end of each entry stands for "Replacement". New positions are denoted with "NP". 55 new teachers were hired in my one little school district (GA has the most counties of any state its size) and not a one of them new positions, despite the growing student population in that area. We can lift our hats to Sonny for that one. Also for the fact that already underpaid teachers will not receive their annual pay increase this year. Way to reel 'em in to the polls, there Perdue. Mom, if you are reading this, I'm glad I heeded your endorsement of your ex-boyfriend and voted dem, even as much as I hate Barnes.

Full frontal snogging
Yesterday I went home, sat down, and started my summer reading. The first book in the YABC to be read, cover to cover in one sitting, Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison. What can I say about this book? It was brilliant. Written in the first person, Georgia, the narrator is a 14 year old British suburbanite whose woes include, but are not limited to, the occassional pimple, having to wear a beret (which flattens your hair) to school, her insistence that because boys apparently aren't interested in her she will be forced to become a lesbian, a hot older guy in a mini cooper (red!), her sadistic cat Angus, her 3 year old sister Libby, and her parents who just don't understand. Highlight? When trying to convince the hot older guy that she is mature enough to date, she peroxides the hell out of her hair, which snaps off in her hand when she coyly tries to run her fingers through it in his presense. Low point? The British slang to American slang glossary in the back that describes "bangers" as noisy fireworks but not as sausages. I was pleased to see, though, the liberal use of bloody, bugger, and tosser in a young adult novel. Next up on the list, Holes by Louis Sacher.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Although I will only ever buy Macs, I can't help having to use a PC at work.
And I secretly love the nesting feature that Windows XP has: when you have multiple windows open at once it consolidates them into categories with pop-up windows when you scroll over them. I love that because I always have 792 things open at once.

I keep getting email from Cheryl Bangs and it makes me laugh everytime.

I'm determined to lose 10 pounds before Heidi's wedding. I don't have a scale at home so I'm measuring my weight loss by how tight (or loose!) my favorite jeans are. Pretty good huh?

With that said, the handful of unsalted peanuts I had this morning for breakfast is doing me no more favors so I must venture out in search of food that I can pay for with plastic.

Last night, thanks to Phoebe, we received the first installment of our Young Adult Book Club novels. Our goal: to read like preteens all summer long. There were a few classics in the bunch, The Outsiders, Black Beauty, The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Some modern day hits like Holes (now a major motion picture) and something about Full Frontal Snogging (strictly teen material!) When my turn comes around, my first picks are 1. Starring Sally J. Freeman as Herself by Judy Blume (teens and the holocaust, the perfect YABC book) 2. Little Women by Louisa Alcott (my favorite growing up) 3. Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Peterson 4. Homesick by Jean Fritz 5. The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. I'm going home to plow through some teen drama. Love it.

I have a bad haricut
It's horrible. But what are you going to do? I have to just let it grow out. I could wring that fucking boy's neck for doing this to me. Whenever I see him on the street I give him evil eyes.

Last night Phoebe told Lucas he was being a jerk.
He was, so it was totally ok.

A man needs a maid
But it ain't gonna be me no more. I've had it. I live with the messiest, laziest housekeeper of all time. I'm tired of trying to figure it out, tired of feeling like if it's going to get done it's going to be me who does it, tired of hearing excuses, tired of hearing that he doesn't "like to clean" (no one does, ok), tired tired tired. Never have I come home to a clean house that I didn't spend my whole day cleaning. Never have I been surprised with a clean bathroom that I didn't beg him to do. Dishes, laundry, papers on the floor, shit piled high on the coffee table, countless socks wadded up, never to find their mates, dust, hair, clutter, mold. I'm through. I am on strike. I don't think it's fair that I'm the only one who self motivates to keep our house from being a complete sty. Let him have a meltdown for a change. This is your official warning. You are done with classes for a couple of weeks and I want to see some progress. If you think I'm kidding, I'm not. I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it any more. If you hear my car in the driveway, you better put down that Gamecube controller and at least make me THINK that you weren't playing video games.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

MBV and Robert Smith no more
Remember when we were all 14 and goth? This girl sure does, er still is. Are the bands that we listened to as teenagers widely regarded as better than shit like System of a Down, or do we just think that? I listened to some questionable music as a teen (Infectious Grooves comes to mind) but a great deal of it I still listen to. So do you guys. So tell me. Is it good or is it just ours?
Whenever I feel my popularity faltering with my students, I mention that I went to high school with Tom Delonge. Instantly cooler, although I can't imagine why.

Open letter to most teenagers,
You listen to shitty, shitty music.

Viva la...aw, just viva I guess
Today I am wearing a dress that I've had since I was a sophmore in high school, 1992. Before you start picturing me in early nineties fashion, think about the point that's all more important: I can still fit into a dress that I've owned for 11 years. Next you might wonder what possessed me to keep a dress that I haven't worn in so many years. Well, bad fashion comes and goes, but vintage fashion is harder to get rid of. I have, along with this one, a closet full of vintage dresses that I refuse to part with. I hate the thought of some 18 year old hipster rifling through the racks at the Potters House and buying the dress that I went to my first punk rock show in, got drunk and busted by my parents in, celebrated my 21st birthday in, etc. No, I'll just keep them. And on certain mornings, like today, when I'm already running 1/2 an hour late, I'll go through them and think maybe, just maybe, I should try one on for fun.

I then got in my Honda, pretended it was a pale yellow 1972 VW bug, cranked Disintegration and drove to work.

Monday, May 12, 2003

All by myself
Big Gray is out of town for a few days visiting his family. Not only do I have the house all to myself, I have the BED all to myself as well. I can stretch out and sprawl have all the pillows ALL TO MYSELF! Take that, Jensen. There was a time when I would have shared a single bed with ratty sheets and no box spring for the sake of infatuation, but those days are long gone. I want to make one entire room in my house a bed, that way I can always have plenty of room when I want to stretch out. I attribute the constant pain in my knee to having to keep to one side of a bed. As soon as he falls asleep I drape one of my legs across his, but if he wakes up he wants to know "what the hell" I'm doing. I need space! Don't fence me in.

He called a little while ago to inform me that he was heading down to the beach to "dig a big hole". It's the little things that keep the romance alive.

My mom was supposed to come over tonight but cancelled. Honestly, I'm relieved since I already made plans to get drinks with RRC and really didn't want to have to cancel.

YMSP leaves TX tomorrow for GA. ETA to be announced. I wanna write everything in acronyms.

The drudgery of the working week
I had such a nice weekend. Too bad it's over and I'm back to the same old shit.

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