Friday, May 02, 2003

More fun dictionary facts
exhibitionism comes right before exhilarate
queen before queer before quell

My predictions
The one half hour between now and when I leave for lunch will be an eternity.
My plans to clean out the back bedroom and paint it this weekend will be unrealized.
I will have cause to feel unnecessary embarassment on Sunday when I visit my parents.
I will forget to buy wine tomorrow and regret it all day Sunday.
The extraordinarily long hair I have been cultivating just below my belly button has but a short time to live.
The woman by the arch protesting in a cow suit will get really sweaty by day's end.

Damn this computer
Do I even have the energy to go on? I was just writing about how I've had to restart my computer 3 times since 9:30 when it froze up on me again. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...

We went to see X-Men last night at midnight. I love the X-men movies, despite knowing very little about the Marvel marvels. This new one is awesome. More character development, more super heros, and less Cyclops (we hate him!). Anna Paquin still sucks, but she has very few speaking lines. Has any actress ever been as awkward? Famke Jensen and Halle Berry have new super-do's to go with their super hero looks. Fringey layers are really hot right now, even for crime fighters.

Pass the peroxide
Saw the trailer for Legally Blonde: Red White and Blonde. Genius. I don't care what anyone says, Elle Woods is the answer to our floundering legal system. V+, I know you back me up on this one. Some of the paunchier comic dorks that were there last night booed the preview. They have no real appreciation for fashion, after all, or the fact that she had a pink Gucci tote big enough to harbor a certain chihuahua into the Oval Office. I resented the fact that they laughed at the trailer for the Sinbad cartoon, but not at her pink pop-up budget proposal. I was a fish out of water. Don't sign me up for any comic conventions any time soon.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

It's raining like mad. I love these kinds of storms. But what I'd really love right now is a breath mint. I have dragon mouth.

That guy who lost all that weight by eating Subway sandwiches got a million dollar contract to be their spokeperson. I wonder if I could get someone to sponsor me for a million dollars to lose 10 pounds before I have to get into that light green bridesmaids dress in June. Somehow I think I'm out of luck.

I have begrudgingly agreed to go to a midnight showing of the new X-Men movie. Not because it's about comics, as I imagine you think it is. On the contrary, I loved the first one. But going to crowded, midnight previews that you have to get to 45 minutes ahead of time just to get a decent seat is not my idea of fun.

I love it when people hang up before I get to the phone.

Me and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips backstage after their show here a couple of weeks ago. I had to crop it because some pink sweaty guy jumped in the picture. Ass-hole.
Photo credits go to Bill Benson.
That fabulous red necklace I'm wearing was left in Auburn last time we were there.

Current ruminations
The water that comes out the the tap at work tastes like soil.
I'm not really hungry, but I'm really bored so I'm thinking of going to get a burrito.
The end of the semester is a really sad time. But why?
Why did I spend 40 minutes last night dying my hair the exact same color as it was before?
Did LJJ really deserve that video game that I bought him, or am I just feeling guilty that we haven't had much time together recently?

MC, et al: there's a new Portastatic record out. Just heard some of it on WUOG. It's very Portastaticky.

Mother of god
I got my new camera yesterday. It's better than I even imagined. If I have a chance later I will download some of the many pictures I took of my feet and my dog while I was trying to figure out how to work everything. Cameras of the analog set make perfect sense to me, but there are all these automatic digital thingies that effect the image output so I have resorted to taking strictly manual photographs until I figure out all the bells and whistles. It's really not like using a digital camera at all, except for the obvious difference.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Fucking Yahoo. The fine print states that I can have no public sharing of the web folders that I set up with pictures. I'll show them. Get ready for the deluge...

Where oh where has my little blog gone?
And where has my ardent blogger gorjus been recently? I miss your witty banter.

Every 15 minutes that passes I make approximately $1.76 after taxes.

After lunch I discovered a small horse fly stuck in my hair. Now I am convinced that it laid eggs in my scalp. Just to say that I was part of the mayhem, I started screaming "SARS! SARS!" to which Big Gray replied "SARS isn't transported by bugs." Duh, BG. Don't you recognize sardonic irreverence when you see it?

Um, just because you are already famous...
...doesn't mean you should be able to get away with it. The rap at the end of Madonna's new American Life is the worse piece of shit I've ever heard. Why did anyone let her think that rhyming "latte" with "batte" (body) was a good idea. Christ, it's awful. I am a long time fan of Madonna. I loved her last record. But so far I'm afraid she's tarnished her trophy on my shelf...I also think the para military garb she's dressed in on the cover is a bad choice, however timely. And ending a song with a series of "fuck it"s never works, unless you are NWA. (Phoebes and Aaron, this one is for you)

I spend a sizable amount of time reading the dictionary
In my pocket edition of the Webster's Dictionary, gonorrhea comes just before goo. And for those that always wondered, the plural of oxymoron is oxymora. Beautiful.

Oh my god, I just took a look down at my bare foot and it's gross. I need a pedi STAT! When did I cross that threshold between having naturally cute feet to having the need for a professional soak and scrub every two weeks?

The end of an era
Really it's just the end of the month, but I am overly dramatic.

Last night I put on fancies and we painted the town. After being treated to an exquisite dinner we shuffled down the street to the unveiling of "We Let the Dogs Out" (ouch). I was pleasantly surprised by the job that was done by most, even though I didn't recognize many of the names of local artists. One name that I did recognize as a very well know, well paid painter here in town may win my award for the biggest piece of shit on the lot. Take that! I don't like his paintings on any given day, but this was just embarrassing.

THEN, I got taken out for drinks (much to our disappointment it was a cash bar at the reception and we decided that if we were going to pay for drinks, it wasn't going to be under the flourescents in the ballroom of the Classic Center). And who was this generous man who did all this for me? My husband? No. It was Scott. LJJ tried to convince me to stay at home with him and nap, but I wasn't about to miss out on the best date I've had in a while in favor of manic exhaustion.

Scott has promised to start a blog as soon as I send him all the info so I'm out.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Tonight, I cocktail with the elite

I have been invited to attend the reception for the big dog project (for lack of better words) that is being dedicated this evening. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, our town has adopted it's own version of similar projects:
Chicago had cows
Munich had hedgehogs (couldn't find a good picture)
Cincinatti has pigs
Baltimore has fish
Even Auburn has tigers, which I love, but LJJ hates.

Now we have our own, and a cha-cha reception at $50 bucks a ticket that I get to go to, yes, for free because I know local art! I will rub elbows with all the socialites who sponser projects like this and maybe key someone's Mercedes SUV on my way out. I was promised free booze and I shant be disappointed.

If LJJ and I ever get off of our asses and get our band/s out the front door of our house, I am going to do a howling tribute to Lucinda Williams right out of the gate. Man, that lady can sing. Maybe one of the best shows I have ever been to, despite the fact that the crazy guy with the black hoodie that cruises around town making motorcycle noises punched me out in front of the Globe.

The Cheap Trick concert that LJJ proposed to me at never counts because what could have possibly topped that? Robin Zander announced it on stage and, later at the Manhattan, gave me the set list which simply said "Take the Plunge, Robin Zander, Cheap Trick 2002." Priceless. I still meet people when I mention it they say "oh my god, that was YOU? I read about that in the Flagpole!" Thanks to Emerson for immortalizing us with a well written and touching engagement announcement.

It's official!
Transmatique has booked a show on May 22nd at the Fabulous 40 Watt. Come on, come all.

Not really my place, but I'll gossip about it anyway...
My curiosity is peaked! I was going down the list of MC's Athenian blogs to see if they were anyone I knew (except for the obvious ones, no. But it was fun anyway) I'm getting off subject. So I click on one and read the first post about a party where she ended up flirting and kissing someone from Your American Math. Now my interest is ultra peaked. Let's see. One's gay, one's married, two have steadies and the other is emotionally bereft and divorced. Good luck with that one.

We are fam-i-ly
In true family style (at least my family), our scuffle was resolved without me knowing it. Mom showed up last night without fail, with half a mushroom/pepper quiche, a roasted chicken for LJJ, fresh tomatoes, plenty of gourmet cheeses and two bottles of wine. Would I have preferred some sort of constructive closure? (like "sorry we may have overreacted") Maybe. But this is how we do things.

Thanks to a friend at Warner Brothers, we didn't have to spend our hard earned money on the new Madonna to own a copy. But the pop queen aside, I have been on a steady diet of...Fugazi. Repeater. And since two nights ago, Smashing Pumpkins. I am having a rebirth. Christ that's good stuff. All I wanna do it rock. Loud.

Monday, April 28, 2003

A task to delegate
Just when I had begun to feel good about myself again...
My boss needs a new watch band. But he needs someone else to shop for it. Can't be bothered to go to the jewelry store a block and a half away and pick one out? God save me the day I'd rather have someone else do my shopping. Normally I would relish the idea of going to Fosters and browsing through the pewter cups and sterling baby rattles, lead crystals, porcelain boxes and (don't forget) diamonds.

But something about being asked to run over there with a sweaty old leather watch band to try to match it up isn't quite the same.
That task was immediately passed on to my student worker, who didn't seem to mind as much as me.

The sound of genius.
(from an IM)
Mame says:
how do you spell "astound"?
Mame says:
is that right? it doesn't look right
RRC says:
i think. check: www.merriamwebster.com
Mame says:
you check. I have a headache
RRC says:
Mame says:
doesn't it look funny?
RRC says:
not really...but i freaked out on the verb "to tell" the other day, so...

I have been operating under the false assumption that there are no OTC painkillers (or otherwise) in this office. I have just been informed otherwise.

Here is how it went down:
Me: God, I have such the headache
Syd: There's Ibuprofen and aspirin in the men's bathroom
Me: We have a men's bathroom?

Once again I manage to astound my co-workers with my genius.

Thank heaven for Earth and Sky

I always crane my neck a little to hear the details of Earth and Sky on public radio, but I just heard one that knocked my socks off. Here it is, from their website:

Monday, April 28, 2003
JB: This is Earth and Sky, with a question from a listener. He writes, "I'd like to know why the smell of flowers, trees and vegetation in general is enhanced after a rain?"
DB: You perceive any odor when molecules of that substance -- let's say a leaf -- leave its surface and are carried into the air. That's when sensory cells in your nose have a chance to interact with the molecule. These cells are what stimulate nerve impulses to the brain. The brain can then interpret the signal as a smell.

JB: We asked George Preti, a chemosensory researcher at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia about enhanced smells after a rainfall. He said that -- after it rains -- there's an increase in the moisture of all outdoor surfaces. As this moisture starts to evaporate, it carries surface molecules of flowers, trees and soil along with it. So there are actually more of these molecules in the air after a rainstorm.

DB: Higher temperatures enhance this process. As the temperature goes up, smell molecules vaporize more quickly into the air. Air particles bounce off each other faster -- and that means they circulate the smell molecules to our noses sooner.

JB: That's why smells are strongest on warm, humid days. And that's our show today. The National Science Foundation makes it possible. You too can ask us your science question at our website -- earthsky.org. I'm Joel Block with Deborah Byrd for Earth and Sky.

Obvious, maybe.
But my longing for that warm, fragrant smell after a big summer rain, when the air is still electric and vivid, makes this one a keeper. I can almost taste it.

Still unbelievably slow

L just played Dinosaur Jr. and Ned's Atomic Dustbin back to back on WUOG. Back to high school with you all!

If you microwave black beans, jasmine rice and broccoli all together, it smells a little like dog food.

And finally...
I had forgotten how much I like being barefoot.

Points of interest and it's only noon:

L's mom sent us a package in the mail containing a handful of yeast flakes wrapped in SaranWrap, tied with a ribbon and labeled "yeast flakes".

We officially have a client that is suing a restaraunt for "huffy" service. (sign me up too, chief. I want some of that action)

Spam has reached new lows when you get a pop-up Messenger notice with an IM from "Hottie". Can they do that? The message was a link to view her web cam and she instantly left the "conversation".

The toenail on the smallest toe of my left foot is split down the middle. I have otherwise nice feet and I'd hate for them to be ruined with an ugly toe. Maybe I can get it acrylic-ed before I lose it.

(I know I know. These are not really points of anything, especially not interest. But I actually picked up the phone a second ago to see if it was working. That's what a slow day I'm having. And I have a splitter- toenail, but also headache.)

According to the pop-up window on AOL:
Top News Searches
Laci Peterson
Dixie Chicks
Coffin Birth
Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross? The man had a stroke, but he's knocked Saddam out of the top 5. By any means necessary I guess, but you'll note that SARS is still number 1. Idiots. And I like how the Dixie Chicks are sandwiched in between Laci Peterson and coffin birth: we're not as concerned with the Chicks as we are with poor LP, but we're more interested than we are with post mort delivery. Nice, people.

Still no word from my mom, but L told me last night at around 1:45 that my dad had in fact called in the afternoon but he had forgotten to tell me. Great. So now they are mad and they think that I'm avoiding them. If you think all this sounds a little childish, you might be right. We wouldn't be who we are if we dealt with things rationally. I'm including myself in that as well. I started crying this morning because I couldn't find a shirt to wear.

RRC and I spent the last part of our evening looking through the throng of photos my dad burned for me from his digital camera. They are all from the wedding week back in December and I thought of putting some on my soon-to-be fotolog, but thought better of it. Instead, I have downloaded them here for you to browse through if you see fit. I'm warning you that they aren't that exciting, unless maybe for those of you that were there or those of you who want to see what everyone was wearing or how worn out I looked in the days after the wedding before we left for Paris.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

My parents are pissed at me because I attributed them with the fact that I have a foul mouth at times. I would like to publicly apologize and state that my prolific use of words like "fuck" and "shit" I have cultivated all on my own. If anyone got the impression that my parents are low class gutter mouths, please take my word for it that they most certainly are not.

Here is the email that I received from my friend David, who is teaching at Nanjing University, just tonight:
"China has gotten a little ridiculous. Plan on quitting to-morrow and returning ASAP. More on this later. "

I played poker tonight with a bunch of guys, and given my past gambling mishaps, coming out a dollar ahead was quite the victory for me. I pat myself on the back.

Weekend blogs are a rarity for me, but I've had a long day of renovations to Bill's house when I should have been working on my own and I needed a release.
Happy weekend, everyone.

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