Friday, April 25, 2003

Thank you Twilight

Thanks to the bikers and the fact that the streets are closed off we get to close up shop half an hour early so the fat cats can get their cars out of the downtown parking lot before 5.

Something else good

I personally think the Twilight is snoozeville, but I like what it does to people. Here is a picture of the Twilight inspired t-shirt by my friend Michael Lachowski, who is famed in my mind for making really good looking shirts, among other amazing things.

Lord love the Postal Service
No, not the USPS. Them.

A gem...
...that I got from duplexrulz. Satisfies my need for blood.

I'm fighting the urge to be envious
I just found out that someone in my program got a job that may top mine: teaching Gifted Fine Arts at a high school. But it's in Cobb County, most Republican County in GA and home to Newt Gingrich.
"[Michael Moore's] attempt to get close to power by hugging all 50 state governors at an annual conference was as hilarious as his face to face challenge to Newt Gingrich to "get government off the backs of the American people" by having Cobb County, Ga. (Newts home district) give back all of its massive federal government funding (Newt, of course, refused). "
-------from "The Awful Truth"

Blech. Also, I'm not sure what Gifted Fine Arts v. Visual Arts means, but I'm guessing that there is less studio time. Blech again. Still, it sounds important...

God I love a good pun

Some of my favorites:
from a massage therapist in Hoboken, NJ "For all your kneads" (thanks to JK)
from a shop in Tallahassee, FL "Kitsch Encounters" (thanks to EMJ)
of the Ruskie variety:
"Putin on the Ritz (or Hits)"
"Mishkin Accomplished"
"Hot to Trotsky"

I have stopped dead short of "The Laughing Man" in my pursuit of Salinger. Much like the young boys on that day trip and their terror of the Laughing Man, I fear to tread on territory all too nostalgic in my current state. Nostalgia serves itself well when everything in my life is aligned. But right now I am in the midst of being a complete disappointment to my family, working a miserable job and I'm starving; all things that contribute to my delicate nerves.

BG and I still haven't done our thank you notes from the wedding. We were told by a friend just last week that we have 6 months, not 3 like we originally thought, to get them out. Who's to argue with that information?

Welcome to the new world

Prepare to be blown away. I just (just now!) ordered a digital camera from PC Cameras in Costa Mesa. By the middle of next week I will be a part of the new millenium. Am I a traitor to traditional method photography? Maybe so...

I decided on the Canon A70. I needed something with manual aperture and shutter speed override and I wanted something under $350. And I also hear that Canon and Olympus make the better digital cameras, at least under the 1,000 dollar mark. I saw a Leica digital camera body that I would have sold my first born for, but even at that he/she might not be worth the 12,000 price tag.

Someone didn't show up for their shift at our college radio station and the sub has mentioned it in every breath on air.


This is the first weekend in over a month that I will not be out of town. No weddings, no wedding showers, no trips to Atlanta or Auburn. Just me on the couch watching TV.

Tonight is also the Twilight Criterium. It's this huge bike race they have here every year. To bike enthusiasts, this means an exhilirating 3 hours of bike racing. To others, like myself, it's bad parking, unmanaged crowds and the most boring spectator sport next to golf. In years past when I've been cajoled into going I insisted that we stand at the corner where we had the greatest likelihood of seeing someone crash. These corners are connoted by the bales of wheat straw set up to break the biker's fall. But even the promise of seeing someone's knee skin shorn off is not enough to make me brave the soggy weather this year.

I am hoping that it clears by day's end, as RRC's dog Harry was going to celebrate his 2nd birthday today. This means McDonalds hamburgers for the boys and (hopefully) Wild Vines for the ladies.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Who has seen Spirited Away? I hear that it's phenominal. But I'm scared. I watched (or tried to watch) Princess Mononoke. Nothing reduces you to dumbass status more than a cartoon that you can't understand. Not just mid-grade confusion. Full blown WTF level. David Lynch level. LJJ tried to comfort me by explaining that it's not really a kids movie and it worked until I mentioned to some of my high schoolers that I didn't understand it and they tried to explain it through their laughter and their tears.

These are the style photographs that Dixon sends me: her dog, Sherman, in a sweater at a cafe in Seattle making friends with a bunny the size of a black lab.

Here's a special treat I found while searching for the piece that my friend Matthew wrote for McSweeney's a while back. This one is for all you AC/DC fans out there that always wondered what went on behind the scenes.

As a home owner I feel as though I have the moral obligation to stand up for renters rights in this, our beloved town. While I can see the point that some of these homeowners are making, the fact remains that whether you like it or not, the students are here to stay. You don't want sprawl? Don't force the student and non-student unmarried renters out to multiplex apartments on the east side. While you are on the Flagpole site, read the letter to the editor about the definition of "family". Blows my mind constantly. We live in a country in which we pride ourselves and go to war for FREEDOM. So why can't we get our heads out of our asses and make gay marriage legal in this country. GWB? Are you listening, you stupid prick?

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

Shut your %&$#@ mouth!
10 Tips for Taming Your Tongue
Recognize that swearing does damage.
Start by eliminating casual swearing.
Think positively.
Practice patience.
Cope, don't cuss.
Stop complaining.
Seek alternative words.
Make your point politely.
Think of what you should have said instead.
Work at it.

And it never hurts to hear Mom's voice in your head telling you to mind your mouth."

(From James O'Connor's book "Cuss Control")

I especially like the part about coping, not cussing. I usually cope by cussing, James. Any suggestions? Who calls it a cussing anyway? I always called it swearing. Geographical, maybe. Like the big "now we're cooking with gas/crisco" debate of 2003. Big Gray always says Crisco and I always say gas. We didn't cook with Crisco on the west coast.

Scott had a teacher at SCAD that insisted swearing was a useful tool in our modern world for self expression. Her example? "Shut up" v. "Shut the fuck up". Point made, sister.

Now I'm the ass hole.
"I trust you implicitly. Its just a mother's second nature to protect her off-spring.


(from an email 30 seconds ago.)

I, like most women, struggle constantly with the fact that pretty much no matter what I do I disappoint my mother

This is not to say that she's not proud of my accomplishments, but I could always have stood up straighter or been skinnier or had better skin. Without knowing it, she made my adolescence more of a hell than it already was: refusing to let me shave, talking openly with her friends about the condition of my skin while I was in the room for them all to stare in amazement at teenage acne, etc. In high school it was no riding in cars with boys (an attempt to curb my dating), more skin problems, and (I got this one more than once) "If you cleaned up your room you might feel better about yourself". I felt just fine. That's when I apparently became too fat by her standards also- a curse that I live with today.

But now I am under her particular brand of attack when she suggests that my content writing represents me as a less "intelligent and creative person". She also made a stab at the fact that web logs are cheaper than therapy. Thanks. But she's right. As usual. Why should I pay some therapist 200 an hour to bitch about my mom when I can do it here for free?

Her criticism would be a lot easier to swallow if I didn't like my mom. But I really do. And somewhere underneathe my repressed anger of a thousand years, I know she's well meaning.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Lucas is at the library working on a project for one of his classes and periodically calling me for advice on Powerpoint. I'm maybe a little too beer drunk to know the answers.

I have lovingly taken the pseudonym Mame after the main character of my favorite novel, turned stage play turned movie (the Rosalyn Russell version, not Lucy Ball) Auntie Mame. My friend Billy and I have,since about grade 10, referred to each other as Iris and Dudley from said film. I made him watch it when he was still operating under the false assumption that he was straight. He loved it even then. My mom played Sally Kato in her small town production of the same name. History, people. Keep it alive.

Lucas installed a cat door. He said that the cats use it just fine going out, but he hadn't seen them come back in yet because every time they try, Charlie is there waiting with his big head in the flap. What a good doggie he is.

Grocery store sushi

That's what I'm having for lunch. Just the vegetable kind. I buy the fish variety, but only if I'm eating it immediately. Like in the car on the way home. I also only buy it if I see them physically put it out. I'm sure it's perfectly safe, I just don't want to take any chances. One bad batch and it would turn me off to sushi forever. Do I want to live in a world without spicy tuna rolls? I'm also already out of pickled ginger. I ate half of it before I even started on the rolls. I student taught at a very rural school in North Georgia and the first time that I brought sushi for lunch was the last. It was like the lunch scene in The Breakfast Club: "You won't accept a guy's tongue in your mouth but you're going to eat that?"

The obvious difference is that I would accept a guy's tongue in my mouth.

Well aren't I self satisfied
No you dirty kitties, not like that. I just whiddled my way through improving my blog with LINKS and BIGGER FONTS and the like. Next I am working on images. Small potatoes for those of you that know shit about HTML, but for me it will be my finest hour. At least today. While I am at work.

Talk to me people? Are you let down by the more subtle color palette? Resist it all you want, but there will never be a new post on ILDCandC. Not even if I wanted to. There will be no reunion like that of YMSP 1982 or Transmatique this May (god how I wish you guys had web pages that I could link to...)

Oh, and don't be deceived by all the hits I've had so far this morning. It's been mostly me viewing and refreshing to see if my cosmetics have been working.

Not altogether scandalous, but I like the idea of running from my own identity

I recently got a job as a teacher, and although my exhibited behavior is nothing that goes against my own moral code or breaks any laws, it may be frowned upon by the people who hired me if they were to ever find out and I would assuredly get a call from a parent at some point or another when their curiously intellectual child thought it wise to read my online memoirs. So, like catoptric, I am underground now.

Old habits die hard and even with freshly shoe polished hair and some big sunglasses, I will always return to the scene of the crime. So if this new look and new attitude prompted you to think that it would be anything other than banal as ILDCandC was, then keep moving. One last hurrah last night before I deleted ILDCandC was a guy named Nolan who called me self serving. Of course I am. It's a blog for Christ's sake. Sheesh. Besides, what couldn't be considered self serving these days?

This time I'm incognito. Sort of.

I loved my old blog. But times they are a changin'. I wanted a revamp anyway and the email that I got from my mom cautioning me as to the content matter of my ex-blog, my profession, and the fact that my name was pasted all over it was the motivation to do so. I had two choices: tempering my behavior or deleting it and starting over. As you can see, I chose the latter. Last I checked ILDCandC was still up and running, but I have been assured by the nice folks at Blogger that it will soon be only a fading memory. We saved 82 pages of posts in a word doc on my computer at home. Lucas was totally unwilling to delete them entirely.

I'm going to go eat some yogurt and then email all you lovely people and let you know about the new guy.

Are we on?

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